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Natasha Saba is an Australian visual artist with a special interest in contemporary, abstract painting. Taking inspiration from her environment, surroundings and mood, her work is completely un-calculated, allowing intuition to take form on the canvas.

Natasha trained in Fine Art at Griffith University on The Gold Coast, Queensland; Photography at the Australian Centre of Photography in Sydney; and Graphic Design at CATC in Melbourne. She has travelled extensively and worked professionally in Photography, Film & Television Production and Graphic Design - in Sydney, LA and the UK. 

Her eye for colour, design, movement and aesthetic has taken her across the world, and is never more cleary evident than with paintbrush in hand.

Natasha now lives Stroud, Gloucestershire with her husband, musician Jack Carty; where they both work from their home studio. 

If you are interested in purchasing a painting or for any other enquiries, please email: